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Alessandro Bucci (Ing, PhD) is a Research Assistant of Architecture & Technique and Assistant Professor at the University of Ferrara, Engineering Department.
Since 2000 in occasion of Bologna Triennlae III he is working with Gabriele Tagliaventi as collaborator of A Vision of Europe International Association and Tagliaventi & Associates.
Author of many scientific works, and several papers as key-note speaker at International Conferences, he is now Secretary of A VISION OF EUROPE.
A Vision of Europe (A.V.O.E.) is an International Association with the High Patronage of H.R.H. The Prince of Wales, focusing on the promotion of the debate on the city, its architecture, and the urban environment.
He is the Secretary of CIVICARCH-Laboratory of Architectural Design and Building Technology at the Engineering Department of the University of Ferrara.
He is developing and promoting with Gabriele Tagliaventi Staff internationally recognized researches on the field of the Urban Renaissance and the most innovative interventions of re-urbanization of sub-urban areas, mall-retrofit, demolishing skyscrapers, including the editing of guidelines for a process of sustainable regeneration. The goal is to promote Smart-Growth communities and transportation choices reducing pollution towards a new policy to demolish obsolete sprawled peripheries and develope compact walkable cities and neighborhoods.
The researches aim at offering politicians, decisors, administrators, developers, technicians and citizens case-studies from successful interventions in European cities based upon the new ecological-sensitive concepts of compact and efficient walkable community, as avoe-projects: the mixed-use urban neighbourhood.
He is also since 2004 Editorial Secretary of Archi & Colonne International, a journal dedicated to architecture and urbanism, which is intended to be a tool to develop and extend in the age of globalization the cultural direction chosen by A Vision of Europe Committee since 1992, promoting an architecture of urban spaces, original and authentic depending on the context and time, with deep connections to history and the civic society. It constantly updates the database-projects and built works of New Urbanism and Urban Renaissance experiences, publishing different ideas and theories. He is co-author and editorial supervisor of UrbanLovers news-letter.
Secretary of the Bologna Triennale from its 4th edition, he is the referent for the AVOE International Exhibition and founding member with Avoe staff of ECO-COMPACT CITY NETWORK.
In 2010 he joined the Salìngaros Group as a member of the staff.
He is working in the sector of Architectural Design and Urbanism, Building Technology and Engineering, since 2002, and CEO & founder of Alessandro Bucci Ingegnere since 2009.
Member of the Board of the Professional Association of Engineers, Ferrara Municipality (OrdIngFe), he is also secretary of the Regional Commission for the Urban Development-Emilia Romagna Federation of Engineers (FedIngER).

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