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Urban Lovers News-letter
A Vision of Europe© in collaboration with Civicarch - University of Ferrara

Dedicated to all those who live and love the Traditional City.
The Traditional City of the Past, the Traditional City of the Present, and, expecially, the Traditional City of the Future.
Dedicated to all those who love strolling through the network of streets and plazas that make the Traditional City a unique place to experience.
Dedicated to all those who love having a drink or a cappuccino in a café within an urban context. To all those who love going to the theatre or to the cinema by walk, and then having dinner with friends in a nearby restaurant.
Dedicated to all those who prefer living in a townhouse or in an urban condominium, both enjoying the richness of the public street and the calm of the inner courtyard. edicated to all those who prefer taking their kids to school at a walking distance. To all those who choose urban shops, markets or supermarkets.
Dedicated to all those who prefer to work at a walking distance from home, and to all those who would like to do so!
URBANLOVERS NEWSLETTER is intended to offer information about events, projects, competitions, books, and exhibition regarding the urban world.
URBANLOVERS NEWSLETTER will help spreading the urban culture by enlightning the positive experiences that reinforce the status of the Traditional City as the most attractive and efficient form of settlement.
URBANLOVERS NEWSLETTER will try to involve citizens, developers, public officials and administrators, as well as architects, townplanners, engineers, and all the actors in the urban set in a new effort to share information and succesful experiences that contribute to the construction of a better urban environment.

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